The Nomad Trainer Returns

The Nomad Trainer Returns

See you later Boris! Last year, Shelley and I applied for working holiday visas to live and work in Canada for 2 years. The application was long and it took nearly 2 months until it got accepted in September 2019. We were allowed up to 12 months to enter the country from when the visa was accepted.

 The original plan was to fly to Calgary on 20th July this year and go and look after 12 racing husky’s in a small town called Golden, close to the Rocky Mountains. But when lockdown part 1 hit and continued deep into June we got rejected by the Husky owners and a few other potential jobs and assumed our adventure was not meant to be.
Now, in lockdown part 2 we are getting ready to leave in one week on the 17th of November. We will fly to Vancouver where we must isolate for 2 weeks before a short flight to Kamloops on the 2nd of December and then a 45 minute drive up into the mountains where we will be starting work on the 5th of December at Sun Peaks Resort, the second largest ski resort in Canada.

 We only found out in September that it was even still possible to go to Canada on WHV. A couple we lived with in Sydney posted on Instagram that they were heading there to work at a ski resort. 

 Shell did some research and found out that if you have a valid visa, a job offer and somewhere to quarantine on arrival for 14 days then they will allow you entry into the country. We also joined a Facebook group where people like us were posting questions, tips and stories about how to get into the country successfully. 

After surfing the web for a few minutes we realised that there were 100s of jobs going at ski resorts in Canada. We organised a few interviews and within a week of searching we had been offered jobs working in at a lodge in Sun Peaks.

At first, I was going to be working as a breakfast chef but now as the German travel agency cancelled their bookings for the season they will be redeploying me to the steakhouse. I have never worked in a kitchen (which my new employers are aware of) but I always relish the opportunity to try something new. Shell will be doing housekeeping, something she has had plenty of practise in during lockdown ha ha.

We plan to do lots of skiing, mountaineering and yoga so finally after nearly a 2 year hiatus, The Nomad Trainer returns! I also plan to write regular blog emails like this one and will be posting our experiences on my Website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

So now we are almost ready to leave, just one week to go. The flight is going to be 9 hours long and we are very hopeful that it still goes ahead. We won’t feel fully secure that we have made it until we get through immigration on the other side but we are very confident that everything is going to go according to plan

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