Travelling to Canada in Lockdown

Travelling to Canada in Lockdown

Hi friends, you’ll be glad to hear that we arrived safe and sound in Canada after a 14 hour journey. After leaving my mums at 11am, here is a run down of our experience.

How we got from London to Vancouver

When we got to the airport it was eerily quiet, with barely any travellers and not much going on. We didn’t have to queue at all to get our bags checked and we were glad to get rid of them after packing and repacking several times during the days leading up.

Security was quick and easy and once we got through to the other side we were relieved that the stress of getting over the first hurdle was behind us. They had asked us a few questions but we had all the relevant documents in a file (thanks to Shell) which helped a lot. 

We did not have to provide a negative COVID test, all they did was check our temperature just before we got on the plane. I had been wondering whether anxiety might raise my body heat, sort of like when you start sweating when you are about to speak in public for the first time. The thermometer gun lit up green and we were free to board.

The flight was with Air Canada and lasted 9 and a half hours and you have to wear a mask at all times unless you are eating. One of the stewardesses was seriously on my case about my mask. I had just finished swallowing my last mouthful of food and she came over and told me to put it back on. At one point later on, while I was reading, the top slipped down off my nose slightly, before I had a millisecond to pop it back up she was back telling me to pull it up. 

The plane was less than a 3rd full and everyone on board had a row to themselves which many people used to lie down. I didn’t get any sleep but it was nice to sprawl out though which made up for the discomfort of wearing a mask. 

Instead I watched the films Doctor Sleep and The Good Liar, both decent. I also read from my Kindle, did a few crosswords, listened to music and sorted out all of my files and documents on my laptop into neat folders as well as deleting a lot of useless stuff freeing up some much needed space on my hard-drive.

When we landed it was midnight in London but only 4pm in Vancouver. We felt spaced out as the majority of the flight had been in perpetual darkness except for an hour just before we landed. We had flown over the Arctic to get there rather than flying across Canada so we managed to catch the sunset on North Americas West Coast.

Vancouver airport was seriously quiet. We got our steps in for the day by walking down to baggage claim and then had our final obstacle, immigration. We sat and waited for 20 minutes while an officer processed our documents. They asked us a few questions and then printed our work permits which are valid for 2 years and happily sent us on our way. The relief!

We got a cab straight to our Air Bnb. A comfortable little fully equipped apartment underneath a family home. Unfortunately, we have to stay put for 14 days before we can explore otherwise it’s a $1m fine or up to 3 years imprisonment.

Our plan is to do a lot of yoga, bodyweight training, reading, writing, meditation etc. I do hope this is going to be a productive fortnight but the TV has Netflix built in and I have already watched the first Lord of the Rings film. Any recommendations for films, series or other activities are most welcome.

It is quite cold outside but we are keeping warm in doors, the air is noticeably cleaner here compared to London when we poke our head out the door of our little flat. We are a bit jet-lagged but we are very comfortable and excited about our upcoming adventures.

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