February Update

February Update

Three Months Down

We have only one month left on our contract and time is starting to fly. Here is my penultimate update from Sun Peaks before we move on to our next adventure.
Since arriving in this ski resort we have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to explore the four beautiful mountains which surround the village. During the past month in particular, we have discovered lots of hidden gems that you probably wouldn’t see if you only came for a week.

The picture above is taken from a treehouse located a 5 minute hike off track. You take the first left off of the East Village Ski-Way and up to an opening in the trees where this platform stands. It could easily hold 10 people and there is something which I am pretty sure is a barbecue covered in snow a few metres down the hill. I assume that this area is used a lot more in the summer when Sun Peaks turns into a mountain bike resort after the snow is all gone.

The views are stunning and you can see all four mountains in one view. This includes Orient Mountain on which it sits. To the right foreground is Sundance. Just behind Sundance (which looks like the same mountain) is Mt Tod. The left is Mt Morrissey and I have no idea what the mountain in the far distance is but it’s not part of this resort.More of a platform than a treehouse. 1 bed with a view, bills not included.Recently, I have been going deeper into the back country with Masaru. His 20 years of snowboarding experience and infectious personality make it easy to follow him down some of the hardest runs. Since he gave Shelley one half a day lesson, she has been turning very well and is smashing up the blues with a lot of enthusiasm. I get to go out a lot more than her because of work schedules and I have now completed my first double black diamond.

The first hike to the run was about 20 mins up from the top of the crystal chairlift. Clare, Paul, Alyssa and myself had not been to this side of the mountain before and had no idea what to expect. Our tour guide Masaru led us up the hill. Even though it is in the -10s, when you are wearing lots of layers and carrying a snowboard it gets very hot and sweaty. 

We got to the first black run called Skunk. It was a tree run with a lot of untouched snow and it took less than 10 seconds to whizz down which made the hike up feel like it was even longer. We traversed and hiked a little bit further before we made it to the double black diamond – Offset. It was like a chute, very steep but delightfully deep snow so falling down was never a problem. Paul sat in front of me near the bottom of Offset.Snowboarding 3-4 times per week has been an amazing way to spend a pandemic. I always count my lucky stars for being here and have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure it isn’t a dream. Work has also been great, learning a new trade and getting free food on shift makes the evenings very enjoyable.

Lots of people have asked me “is there even a lockdown in Canada?!” because of what I’ve been reporting. It sounds like most of the country is either in lockdown or at the bare minimum a rule of six for social gatherings like the UK was towards the end of last summer. Most other ski resorts in the country have had huge outbreaks of COVID and lots of businesses have had to shut but Sun Peaks seems to be holding strong with only 5 known cases which have all been contained.

I am very hopeful that the rest of the world gets the pandemic under control very soon. I’d love to be able to share some of these experiences with my friends and family and I don’t want to feel like I am having a great time while the rest of the world isn’t.

Life would be very different for us if we didn’t drop everything to come here in November but it is definitely one of the best decisions we’ve made. And what is even better, next month we’re going on a road trip around BC.

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