New Year Challenge Results

New Year Challenge Results

And that’s a wrap!

The most recent instalment of the Nomad Trainer 6 week Challenge has come to an end and I would like to take some time to celebrate how amazingly well the competitors did.
Back in December I started advertising for the 3rd round of home workout challenges I have been running since the first lockdown. The first few had yielded some excellent results but I really wanted to make this one the best yet so that people could shake off the demons of 2020 and make some positive lifestyle changes for the new year.

The challenge has been run in the past through a Facebook group where I would add everyone who signed up in and I posted the Workout Of the Day (WOD) for the following day which they would aim to complete and would post a selfie or a video in the comments of that post to prove they did it. The workouts are scalable with beginner, intermediate and nutter levels so that people can choose how hard to push themselves.

This time was no different, except I spent a lot more time planning, programming and filming all of the WOD videos before hand which I put into a PDF which could be used as a guide. This meant I was also able to include people who do not use Facebook. I still posted the vids on the group so people could interact and share in the accountability aspect of the program.

Many people who have done my challenges have told me that seeing other people doing the workouts motivates them to do it themselves, more so than a regular personal program. This is what I find to be the most important ingredient for success because more activity on the group tends to correlate with better results.

The challengers were also provided with tailored nutrition guides including the calculated calories and macronutrient portions I believed suited them best. They were encouraged to ask questions and share ideas in our Facebook group chat.

Working remotely in Canada, I was not sure how well it would work being 8 hours behind. However, the team really showed initiative and put the effort in to ask and answer each others questions, motivate each other and also enjoy a bit of banter. 

This amazing group of people have mostly never even met each other, but the fortnightly zoom catch up calls were a great way to reinforce motivation and build team spirit. Everyone had the same goal of improved health and fitness and all of them wanted each other to succeed.

6 weeks on since the challenge began, it has finally come to an end. I am very grateful to the members who have given me consent to share their fantastic results.
Katy and Liz lost 4kg and 5kg respectively. Liz is the lightest she has been since giving birth!Daniela, who came 3rd last time around, climbed above the reigning champ Victoria into 2nd place.But the winner is… Samantha! She put everything into this challenge and was an incredibly motivating and inspirational character. Well done for doing every single WOD and only dropping 3 points!Congratulations guys!
It was such a pleasure coaching this amazing group. I miss waking up to people pushing themselves and sweating at my dispense already, even though it has only just finished. These guys really put the effort in and should be very pleased with the way they have started the New Year.

Another honourable mention is for Tom, who lost 4kg and plans to continue doing the WODs by pulling one out of a hat each day, good luck matey!

My next one won’t be starting until May as I am finishing my contract at the ski resort at the end of March so I need to be prepared for that. I will be aiming to make the next challenge the biggest and best one yet so please send me a message if you are interested.

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