Sign ups for the 2021 New Year 6 week Challenge is now closed.

Future 6 week challenges will be advertised closer to the time.

How it works

After you sign up you will receive an email welcoming you to the plan. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

A few days before the challenge begins you will receive a PDF containing all information about the program. It will contain all the workouts with video guides, your tailored nutrition guide and FAQs explaining how the challenge works.

If you want to join the team you will also be added to a closed facebook group for members of the challenge only. This is where we share inspiration, motivation and banter and you are also welcome to ask or answer any questions you like to the group.

Every evening I will post the WOD (workout of the day) on the Facebook group to be completed the following day. The workouts will vary between different styles such as strength, cardio and MetCon. They will be scaled up or down for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. More information further down.

You get 1 point for every workout you do and there will also be bonus points available for various side challenges and behaviour goals dotted a long the course.

You don’t have to be the fittest to win, it’s all about the effort you put in. As long as you put the work in you will achieve incredible results.

Training Plan

Every single WOD is unique but it will follow a general theme for each day of the week. Every week will get gradually harder and each will have different levels to try: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Monday – Movement – Fluid bodyweight movements to start the week which is likely to be something you haven’t done before.

Tuesday – Strength – Traditional push, pull, hinge and leg exercises to build strong muscles.

Wednesday – HIIT/Cardio – Either set yourself a running or cycling target to work on or take on our Tabata style HIIT workouts.

Thursday – Core and mobility – Build your six-pack and keep flexy to help reduce muscle soreness

Friday – MetCon – This is the one you will love to hate, Metabolic Conditioning workouts will make you sweat!

Weekends – Active Recovery –We take it chilled on weekends where you will only be required to do walking, light cardio, yoga or catching up with workouts