Hi I’m Matt Bevan, the creator of The Nomad Trainer. I am originally from London, UK but now I travel the world, learning the local fitness practices and cultures of the different places I go in order to become strong and fit in both mind and body.

The journey of The Nomad Trainer began back in 2017 while I was living in Sydney Australia. I was lucky to be working at the best performance gym in the country, The Zone, and I was surrounded by many inspiring individuals.

My goal from then on has been to travel to different countries and learn and train in the local sports, martial arts and other practices to get a more worldly understanding of health and fitness. I love competition and I want to be able to do anything I put my mind to.

The places and practices I have experienced so far include yoga in India,, spearfishing in Bali and bushwalking in Australia. You can find out more about my fitness adventures here.

My qualifications include a BSc in Biological Sciences, REPS level 3 cert in personal training, Precision Nutrition Level 1, 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Certification, and I am also a certified Natural Movement coach with MovNat.

I hope to share these experiences with the Western world to show that you can do more than just sets, reps and cardio to become stronger and the importance of variety in movement training.